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Pay to Ride on State Game Lands
by State Rep. Tommy Sankey
74th Legislative District

How many of you enjoy riding bicycles, horses or snowmobiles? If your travels take you on to state game lands, you may soon be required to pay for the privilege.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission would like to require anyone who bikes, rides a horse or snowmobiles on state game lands to purchase a $30 land-use permit, similar to the one that gun enthusiasts must purchase when practicing on a shooting range that sits on game lands. The money would be used to maintain the trails and state game lands in general.

I posted a story about this in my weekly email blast and on my Facebook page, One of the questions I was asked is how the maintenance of state game lands is currently funded. That money is generated by the sale of hunting licenses. In other words, no tax dollars are used to maintain the trails that presently exist, as well as purchase additional land.

It is important to note hunting and fur-taking license holders, as well as anyone who enjoys birding, wildlife watching and photography, would be exempt from the new permit requirement if it passes at the Board of Commissioners’ quarterly meeting next month.

If the $30 permit requirement passes, you could make the decision to purchase a basic hunting license at the cost of $20.70. You would also have to pass a certified Hunter-Trapper Education (HTE) course like the one being offered Saturday, Oct. 11, at the Moshannon Bureau of Forestry annex building, 3372 State Park Road, Penfield. Anyone choosing to do that would add to the number of registered hunters in Pennsylvania, which would increase federal money that is used to manage such endangered animals and their habitats.

Because the state Legislature has no role in this procedure, the proposal would become a requirement if the Game Commission adopts it at its Sept. 22-23 meeting. I am opposed to the proposal because I see it as another move by the Game Commission to circumvent the Legislature, implement something that isn't in Pennsylvanians’ best interests and not allow them to truly have a say in the decision. I would prefer the Game Commission gets its own financial house in order without further tapping the taxpayer. If they cannot adequately maintain their existing property, they need to stop purchasing more of it.

Please join me in voicing your displeasure with this proposed rule by contacting the game commission by email or letter before that. If you would like the board to know your opinion on its proposal, please email or send a letter to:

ATTN: Game Lands Permit
Pennsylvania Game Commission
2001 Elmerton Ave.
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9797

You also have the option of attending the meeting and testifying in person. The public comments will be allowed Monday, Sept. 22, beginning at 8:30 a.m. The quarterly meeting will take place at the Lamplighter Inn, 6566 William Penn Highway, Delmont, Westmoreland County. Doors open 7:45 a.m. and you must register to make comments. Speakers are allowed up to five minutes for their testimony.

Questions about this or any legislative issue may be directed to my Clearfield office at (814) 765-0609 or my Osceola Mills office at (814) 339-6544.

Representative Tommy Sankey
74th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Scott Little
717.260.6137 /
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