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Gabler, Sankey Label Wolf Agriculture Cuts ‘Completely Unnecessary’
Legislators warn of impact on entire state, not just the farming community

HARRISBURG – State Reps. Matt Gabler (R-Clearfield/Elk) and Tommy Sankey (R-Clearfield/Cambria) today challenged Gov. Tom Wolf to restore the agriculture funding he cut from the 2015-16 state budget with his line-item veto.

“Many people aren’t aware that we do have a state budget in place,” Gabler stated. “Before the governor signed it in to law, he made $6 billion in cuts that included approximately $50 million in reductions for agriculture funding that are having a drastic impact on Pennsylvania’s No. 1 industry.”

Wolf’s agriculture cuts, combined with the unwillingness of 75 House Democrats to support funding of “state-related schools” (Penn State, Temple and Lincoln universities, as well as the University of Pittsburgh and University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine), which must receive two-thirds support to pass, leaves the continued operations of Penn State’s Cooperative Extension Service in danger. Both Gabler and Sankey have voted twice in support of legislation releasing money for the state-related schools.

“Penn State Extension is preparing for the possibility of having to discontinue the valuable services they provide to rural Pennsylvania, our agriculture community and everyone who shops at grocery stores or eats at restaurants,” said Sankey. “They are on call for farmers when they encounter an unfamiliar situation and need advice on how to proceed. The service also conducts critical research on issues like avian flu, which has the potential to significantly impact the state’s economy.

“More than 100,000 people with ties to the extension service stand to be affected if this money, which is sitting in the state treasury, is not released. That includes approximately 1,100 full-time employees and hundreds of people involved with 4-H clubs around the state.”

Gabler also noted the impact of the governor’s cuts on the forest products industry, an important local employer.

“Pennsylvania is an international powerhouse in the areas of hardwoods production and other forest products, and our region of the state provides a great deal of timber, paper and other important products,” Gabler added. “Gov. Wolf’s cuts to hardwood research and promotion and the Hardwood Development Council are unnecessary, especially with taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars sitting in Harrisburg not being put to work. We call on him to work with us to reinstate agriculture funding and avert this crisis.”

Representative Matt Gabler
75th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives /
Representative Tommy Sankey
73rd District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives /
Media Contact: Scott Little
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